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The Astrolabe collection is a reflection of the cosmos, and each piece is a glimmering facet of the universe. Viewing the collection as a whole is to witness a map of the stars unfolding. The sacred geometry implied between each elegant curve and carefully placed diamond is enhanced even more by the shapes refracted by light passing through and reflecting on top of each stone. The work aims to elicit that same majestic awe you receive when gazing up at the night sky, illuminated by the moon and stars. I want the wearer to feel connected to the cosmos. I want them to feel as they are a piece of the whole- an element of something magical that permits them to be a significant part of the story of the universe as it unfolds- a composer, an alchemist, a catcher of heavenly bodies. The Astrolabe is just that, A mariner’s attempt to capture the universe and instrumentalize a series of shifting plates- not just to understand the cosmos, but to understand their location in relation to it. The Astrolabe collection features celestial treasures in rich high polished 14k yellow gold set with a galaxy of black, white, and champagne diamond stars. Etched star paths and serpentine lines are meticulously hand-worked into each piece. Center stone rings feature gray diamonds & spinel, each stone is unique with its own inclusions that emulate the appearance of a galaxy within.


3 diamond rings on a model's hand, grey photo background