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About Viviana


  • "I can not speak highly enough about this shop. My wife and I went here to pick out our wedding bands, and from the get go the experience was amazing. The design work Viviana put in to the options for my wife to pick out were so great, and the result was truly stunning. Everyone here was so accommodating and patient with us while we tweaked CAD drawings, emailed so many questions and walked us through every step of the process. Truly a wonderful experience and would recommend this shop to anyone. The rings are so unique and beautiful. Everything turned out perfectly"

    Mike M

  • "Last year I went to Viviana for help. I wanted to propose to my girlfriend, but I knew I had to come correct with the ring. I couldn't go to Jared and get a stereotypical white diamond. I had to find something that would match my girlfriend's style. Luckily Viviana made the process so easy. We worked together and made the perfect ring. Even better, I got all the credit from friends and family for getting such a great ring!"

    Martin Ryder

  • "Viviana and her team is amazing! After going through the process and showing her what my fiancé likes, we collaborated on a knock out design! Viviana gave me excellent communication and attention to detail. In conclusion, I was able to successfully surprise my fiancé, and propose with an elegant piece that is as unique as she is. We’re both extremely thankful knowing that Adorement & Theory is truly a company of quality, which made the process of getting my ring an effortless experience."

    Josiah Reyes

  • "Worked with Viviana to design a custom necklace using an heirloom amethyst, and the necklace is stunning! Better than I'd hoped. The design process was easy with several places I could weigh in with my thoughts. Viviana was a joy to work with. I felt like she listened and understood me even when I had trouble saying what I meant. She's also an amazing designer. Highly recommend."

    Olivia S

  • "The team at Adornment Theory designed a beautiful ring for me that I love. After the death of my beloved husband, I asked Viviana to combine my engagement and wedding ring into one and add beautiful stones of color to symbolize how, after a devastating loss, life itself is still a great gift and can once again become full and colorful. The ring symbolizes that beautifully."

    Jayne G