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  1. Single stone, on gold ring pictured on white background
  2. Air Multi Layered Necklace
  3. Yellow gold pendant with drop chain photographed on a white background
  4. Andromeda Diamond Wrap Ring
  5. Aquamarine + Diamond V Ring Set
  6. Aquamarine + Rose Gold Ring with Champagne Diamonds
  7. emerald cut diamond ring with milgrain and diamond accents on each side in yellow gold on white background
  8. Citrine  and onyx gem necklace with yellow gold chain on white background
  9. Hand-engraved Garnet gold signet ring with intricate design on a clean white background
  10. Beyoncé Teal Sapphire + Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
  11. 14k yellow gold band with textured side detail and baguette diamonds on white background.
  12. Cascading Water Earring Jackets
  13. Frida ring on white background
  14. 10mm wide champagne diamond and yellow gold band with cut outs and milgrain texture details on white background
  15. Cognac 2mm Band
  16. Cognac Ring
  17. yellow gold necklace with black, champagne, and white diamond on a white photo background
  18. Deco Marquise Diamond Ring