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Grounded, solid, and structured. It's a physical, tangible, and even sensual element, concerned with matters on the earthly plane of existence. Those who hold the element are known for their practicality, loyalty and love of luxury. Perfect for those who hols this element near and dear to their heart. 


Each piece is hand engraved, hand blasted and meticulously finished by local master goldsmiths. 

Materials: 10k yellow gold, .009 vs1 round diamond

Measurements: 22mm round, 1mm thickness

Elemental Earth Pendant

  • Greek philosophy supposed the Universe to comprise four elements:

    Fire, Water, Earth, and Air

    The newest capsule collection from Viviana Langhoff celebrates those originative sources with four pieces marked by the designer’s established aesthetic of feminine, sexy, bold and highly detailed contemporary jewelry.

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