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The Bagpipe Sheild
Josh Crawford Sheild

Custom Scottish family shield handcrafted in silver, platinum, and gold commissioned for a handcrafted bagpipe. At the request of the client, gold from the teeth of his grandfather was used for the stag centerpiece.

i(Thou) Ring

Created to commemorate the first anniversary tradition of gifting paper, Viviana created the i(Thou) ring in 2010. Named after Jewish philosopher Martin Buber’s theory of the "I and Thou,"  this elegant piece has been used for love letters, proposals, and anniversaries.

I (Thou) Ring
Family Crest
The Family Crest

This family crest was a commissioned redesign for a couple hoping to celebrate their combined family history, while creating a new legacy together. Utilizing elements of the Emmerson’s Anglo-Saxon backgrounds, Viviana created an original crest that draws from their heritage. This work was made into a sketch, signet rings, and a wall mounting. Pictured: Signet Ring in 14K white gold, 15mm wide.

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